Lorna Mills BA DC

Chiropractic & Body Therapy Clinic

Chiropractor, Cranio-sacral therapist, Oldham, Wrexham

Caribbean Corner, 627A Ripponden Road Oldham Greater Manchester OL1 4JU UK

Oldham Chiropractic Clinic

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Wrexham Body Therapy Clinic

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Other Recommended Therapists

Sue McDonald - BraSpa

Posture is a very important part of what causes people’s back problems especially for women in regard to the bras that they wear. The fashion industry standard design bra especially if it is underwired causes the weight of the breast tissue generally to be supported on the shoulders and gives us a round shouldered forward stoop which loads a lot of pressure onto the spine which sitting and standing up straight does not completely address. Sue’s design allows the weight of the breast tissue to be carried through the back rather than slung from the shoulders and the difference it makes to the curve in the upper back is remarkable. She measures you as an individual unique woman to get the fit, the support and the comfort right please have a look at her website.

Tel 01457 810628

Dr John Roberts - Holistic Dentist

Temporo Mandibular Joint - over the years I have had problems with my own jaw because of grinding my teeth, poor dentistry as a child, teeth removed etc. to the extent that some days I was not able to open my mouth in the mornings. I sought help from a cranio-sacral therapist who helped to relieve the immense tension in my jaw and neck and I spent a couple of years having my dentition reshaped by Dr. John Roberts Dentist of the Cote Royd holistic dental practice in Huddersfield. John is extremely knowledgeable about the relationship between the jaw and the rest of the body and the vital role it plays in a persons health and well being. With his approach to dentistry and his support of me through the changes I now have a smile which shows my teeth and I can eat a sandwich without having to completely flatten it before I can eat it. Over the years we have worked together on both my patients and his to bring the best in health care to our clients.

You can contact John via his website or Tel 01484 514451.

Dr Alweena Awan - Treatment of Children

In the last few years we have stopped treating children because we feel they need more specialist care than we can provide and one of the people we refer children to is Dr. Alweena Awan of the Children’s Centre in Keighley. Alweena is a qualified teacher and has extended her studies to include work with learning disabilities and neurological problems. She uses various techniques like Kinesiology and Health Balancing to look at allergies, learning and socialisation difficulties and she is very child orientated. She has helped members of our family and friends.

You can contact Dr Awan by email at alweena1@aol.co.uk, find more details on her website or you can phone 01535 612060 for more information.