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Chiropractic in Oldham

What We Do

chiropractic adjustments can lead to relief from pain

McTimoney Chiropractic is a gentle whole body hands on method which aims to correct the musculo-skeletal alignment and to restore nerve function which promotes natural health.

Fiona uses her hands to make adjustments to the bones of your body. The key to the success of the adjustment is in the speed, dexterity and accuracy with which they are done.

What To Expect From Your First Treatment

Fiona will take a full case history recording your general health background as well as the details of your symptoms. This will help her to assess and analyse your particular problem. She will then examine the joints in your body from head to toe making appropriate adjustments where necessary. McTimoney Chiropractors have a finely tuned touch, developed in our years of training which enables us to feel for misalignments of the bones. Upon feeling a problem, she will use one of a number of swift and dextrous techniques to adjust the joint. If Fiona suspects a problem which requires medical investigation or an x-ray you will be referred to your G.P. or another specialist.

The Number of Sessions You Will Need

This varies considerably depending on:-

  • Your age - you generally heal more slowly as you get older
  • The nature and seriousness of the problem.
  • How long you have had the problem - healing is a process which takes time. Generally yesterday's injury will resolve quicker than on of twenty years standing.
  • Your general level of fitness - broadly speaking, the fitter you are, the quicker your body recovers from injury.
  • Stress levels - high levels can impede healing.
  • Nutrition and lifestyle - good healthy food and plenty of rest help the healing process.

Most patients need between 2 and 10 sessions - initially at weekly intervals – then gradually more spaced out.

Having had chronic spinal problems after a car accident I discovered McTimoney Chiropractic when all else had failed. Lorna is an innate healer who practises her skill with wisdom, strength and infinite kindness.

MW Blackley
recovery from nack injuries after car accidents

How You May Feel After Treatment

There is a whole range of sensations that you can experience after treatment. The most important thing to remember is that change is a sign that your body is beginning to adapt to the adjustments it has undergone.

  • Feeling better - relief from pain as your body becomes better aligned can make you feel straighter, taller and altogether more balanced.
  • Feeling worse before feeling better - while your body is adjusting to its new alignment the shape and size of the painful area may change, or new minor pains and aches may emerge due to positional changes in your body.
  • You may also find that previous aches and pains recur. These effects will tend to disappear as your body settles down after treatment. I will help support you through this stage of healing.
  • Tiredness – you may feel tired after treatment and may sleep well that night following the easing of deep tensions within your body.
  • Headaches- the release of waste products as your body heals can cause headaches. Drinking plenty of water will help flush the toxins out.
  • Emotional changes - these are quite normal and often reflect the release of stress and tension within the muscles.
  • Menstrual cycle - periods may become heavier or lighter. Any changes usually settle down once the body has adjusted to its new alignment.
  • Dizziness - you may feel light-headed due to the release of tension and increased blood flow to the brain.
  • Medication - anyone taking medication eg. Diabetics will need to monitor their medication before and after treatment.

Statutory Regulation of Chiropractic.

The General Chiropractic Council (GCC) is a UK statutory body with regulatory powers, established by the Chiropractors Act 1994. Fiona qualified as a Chiropractor over 20 years ago and is registered with the GCC. (Registration No. 00710). For more detail, please visit the GCC Website. And the McTimoney Website.